Eggs from our hens

Do you remember when you were learning to ride your bike?

I do. I remember the freedom I felt wobbling away for the first time without my training wheels: my dad was running beside me, holding the saddle, and as I turned to him for reassurance, I realised I'd left him behind! I was actually doing it. The satisfaction was delicious.

However, the week before was a different story. Dad had removed just the one training wheel and sent me on my way. I had to keep leaning to one side so I wouldn't keel over, which meant I kept turning my handle bars, and I couldn't find my balance. I felt frustrated and hopeless. I was doomed to be on training wheels forever.

Our workshops remove both training wheels - not just the one.

There's no use in teaching you how to to make jam if we don't teach you how to bottle it safely. Or teaching you how to knit, but not how to get your work off the needles.

This is the approach we take to all of our workshops. We guide you through the process from beginning to end.

That's not to say you won't have a few wobbles... or a stack here and there! But you'll be armed with experience and workshop notes to pick yourself up, learn what not to do, and carry on.

We want to share our creative skills with you.

Our workshops are about creativity: a creativity that tips her hat to simpler times, when we weren't so reliant on The Man. We can live in modern times yet still be a little more self sufficient, a little less wasteful. And we want to share how with you.

So we've set up a studio out of town.

Changing your surroundings is often the very tonic you need to get your creativity mojo back, don't you think?

This is why we've chosen to be in a village with the Hawkesbury River as our back stoop. Our little studio is far enough away from the big smoke to make you feel inspired, yet close enough to justify an easy day trip from yours. (We're just under an hour from Sydney's CBD by car or by train.)

We can't wait to see you learn new skills and take them back into the world with you!

Amanda x