Pickling 101


Late 2017: Date to be confirmed
09:30 - 13:00


LEVEL: Beginner

We've all returned to the fridge or pantry looking for something to eat, lowering our standards on each visit until we reluctantly settle on something.

We've also wondered what to do with the veg we were optimistic about eating at the beginning of the week, but is now languishing sadly in the bottom of the fridge drawer.

No more lowering our standards. Pickling 101 will show you how to stop wasting produce (and money) and make sure you've always something delicious to reach for in your time of need.

You'll learn...

  • how pickling works
  • how to pickle carrots, zucchini and peaches
  • how to preserve lemons
  • how to make mustard
  • how to prep and store your jars properly so they don't spoil

You'll receive...

  • hands-on instruction by two teachers
  • seasonal foodstuff (sweet and savoury) to make your pickles
  • your bounty to take home and share
  • a comprehensive workbook written just for this workshop
  • made-from-scratch morning tea with specialty tea, coffee and cold drinks

Workshops are kept to a maximum of 12. Bookings essential.

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